Summer Intern

Hello, my name is Vasko. I finished my A-levels with A*A*A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics. I continued my interest in these subjects by electing to do the Mathematics and Physics Course at University College London, where I’m currently studying as a 4th year student. After three years of acquiring skills in an academic environment I began to look for a way to put them to good use in the real world.

I was fortunate enough to get an internship with Analytic AI, where I could use my existing knowledge and experience to solve problems in a practical setting.

During the first part of the internship I worked with large sets of data concerned with trades placed by clients of large foreign exchange brokerage firms. To be able to make sense of this data I learnt a database query language to be able to filter the data and spot trends that could be used to predict success of particular traders.

In doing this I started to appreciate the important role of psychology in modelling and predicting trader behaviour. The most prominent example of this is the disposition effect, where traders tend to hold onto losing trades for much longer time periods than winning trades, and this effect was evident in the vast majority of trader profiles.

I also had the opportunity to attempt to model specific trading trends by designing original detection algorithms.


I would come up with a plan for these algorithms and then realise the logic in code, while learning how to program with an object oriented language along the way. It has been extremely rewarding to see my work implemented by the company to improve the service for our clients and help them make profitable financial decisions.

The second part of my internship was concerned with web development, specifically with improving the company’s user interface. To be able to do this I had to learn quickly and become familiar with the markup, styling and scripting languages which comprise the foundation for the World Wide Web, as well as get comfortable with functional programming to bring some modern features to life on the user interface.

Throughout the internship I’ve worked in a fast paced environment with an intense amount of learning new skills and, as someone with no prior experience in the field, it hasn’t always been easy to carry out more demanding tasks. Luckily help was readily available and I was always pointed in the right direction when faced with these challenges.

Analytic AI is based in Richmond, which presents a unique combination of nature and urban life. The Thames riverside and Richmond Hill have been lunch break getaways, just a short walk away from the office.

I’ve improved on my ability to think on my feet and get creative to deal with tough problems which will be useful in the advanced 4th year Mathematics and Physics Module. As a result of my time at Analytic AI I’ve chosen to do a module on scientific computing using object oriented languages and I look forward to applying the programming knowledge gained this summer in a scientific setting.

This internship presented an opportunity to effectively build learn invaluable programming and data science skills in a relaxed, positive, learning orientated environment. I would recommend Analytic AI to anyone willing to learn and motivated to gain experience in this field and see their effort have a direct impact in the financial world.